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Sifre za GTA IV(Cheat)

  • Cheat mode

    While playing the game, press Up to display Niko's cell phone. Press Up again to access the keypad. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Once a code has been entered correctly, a new "Cheats" menu option will be available on your phone, below "Options", where you can access the cheats without having to enter the phone number again. Note: Do not save the game after enabling a code to avoid unforeseen problems. Enabling some cheats will prevent the indicated achievement(s) from being earned. You can usually only spawn one vehicle at a time. Any previously spawned vehicles will disappear. However, if you spawn a vehicle, save the game, and load again, you can spawn another one and your original will not disappear. You must have it in your parking space in front of a safehouse or it will be gone before you have a chance to spawn another.

      Full health and armor

      Dial "3625550100" on the cell phone. If you enter this code while in a vehicle, it will also repair it. Note: This phone number translates to "DOC-555-0100". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets", "Finish Him", "One Man Army", and "Walk Free" achievements from being earned.

      Full health, armor, and ammunition

      Dial "4825550100" on the cell phone. If you enter this code while in a vehicle, it will also repair it. Note: This phone number translates to "GTA-555-0100". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement from being earned.

      Weapons tier 1

      Dial "4865550100" on the cell phone. This will unlock the baseball bat, handgun, shotgun, MP5, M4, sniper rifle, RPG, and grenades. Note: This phone number translates to "GUN-555-0150". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement from being earned.

      Weapons tier 2

      Dial "4865550150" on the cell phone. This will unlock the knife, Molotov cocktails, handgun, shotgun, Uzi, AK47, sniper rifle, and RPG. Note: This phone number translates to "GUN-555-0100". This code prevents the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement from being earned.

      Remove Niko's wanted level

      Dial "2675550100" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "COP-555-0100". This code prevents the "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" achievements from being earned.

      Add one star to Niko's wanted level

      Dial "2675550150" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "COP-555-0150".

      Spawn Annihilator police helicopter

      Dial "3595550100" on the cell phone. The Annihilator is armed with rockets. Note: This phone number translates to "FLY-555-0100". This code prevents the "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" achievements from being earned.

      Spawn Cognoscenti

      Dial "2275550142" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0142".

      Spawn Comet

      Dial "2275550175" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0175".

      Spawn FBI Buffalo

      Dial "2275550100" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0100".

      Spawn Jetmax

      Dial "9385550100" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "WET-555-0100".

      Spawn NRG-900

      Dial "6255550100" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "MBK-555-0100".

      Spawn Sanchez

      Dial "6255550150" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "MBK-555-0150".

      Spawn SuperGT

      Dial "2275550168" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0168".

      Spawn Turismo

      Dial "2275550147" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0147".

      Change weather and brightness

      Dial "4685550100" on the cell phone. Note: This phone number translates to "HOT-555-0100".

  • Secret map locations

    Go to a TW@ Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter "www.whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com" as a URL to view maps that reveal all weapon, health, armor, vehicle, pigeon, ramp/stunt, and entertainment locations.

  • Unlockables

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus:

      Annihilator police helicopter: Collect all 200 pigeons (flying rats).

      No ammo limit: Get a 100% completion.

      Rastah Color Huntley SUV: Successfully complete 10 Package Delivery missions.

  • Special friendship bonuses

    Reach the indicated level of friendship with the corresponding character to unlock their special friendship ability:

    Alex (screen name "LiberatedWoman")

      Method: Look for the personal ad from "LiberatedWoman" in the "Women seeking men" section of the "www.craplist.net" website. Alex is somewhat of a self-centered, spoiled rotten rich girl. She will compliment Niko for wearing expensive clothing and driving expensive cars. She will also write about her exploits with Niko in her blog at "www.blogsnobs.org". Reach 80% friendship with her.

      Special ability: 50% off at all clothing stores.


      Method: Take him bowling, drinking, eating, strip clubs, shows, helicopter tours, and boating to reach 70% friendship.

      Special ability (Chopper Ride): Call Brucie, and he will fly his helicopter to you. This allows you to fast travel to various portions of the city.

    Carmen (screen name "SoboHoe")

      Special ability (Health Boost): Restores Niko's health over the phone. She will call Niko every chance she gets.


      Method: Take him to strip clubs, eating, drinking, shows, and bowling to reach 60% friendship.

      Special ability (Extra Help): Call Dwayne to have a car full of gang members follow you.

    Kiki (screen name "LawChick")

      Method: Date LawChick via "www.love-meet.net" through the in-game internet. Take her out a few times to reach 75% friendship. When dropping her off, select the "Try your luck" option. Afterwards, she will call you and say she can clear the feds.

      Special ability (Remove Up to 3 Wanted Stars): Call her on your cell phone, and select "Clear wanted levels".

    Little Jacob

      Method: Take him to darts, shows, pool, drinking, eating, and strip clubs to reach 60% friendship.

      Special ability (Discount Guns): Call Little Jacob, and he will drive out a car full of guns for you to buy.


      Method: Take him to strip clubs, shows, darts, drinking, bowling, pool to reach 75% friendship.

      Special ability (Boom?): Call Packie, and he will make a car bomb for you.


      Method: Take him to bowling, darts, drinking, eating, pool, shows, and the strip club to reach 60% friendship.

      Special ability (Free Ride): Call Roman, and he will send a free cab.


      Method: Successfully complete all 30 of his vehicle thefts.

      Special ability: The South Bohan garage will now offer money for any vehicle you deliver. The better the condition, the more money you will earn.

  • Getting 100% completion

    The following is a list of how to get a 100% completion:

      Successfully complete all 90 story and procedural missions to get 68% complete.

      Successfully complete all 30 vehicle thefts to get an additional 2%.

      Successfully complete all 50 stunt jumps to get an additional 2.5%.

      Collect all 200 pigeons (flying rats) to get an additional 2.5%.

      Find all random characters and complete their missions to get an additional 5%.

      Successfully complete all 20 vigilante crimes to get an additional 2.5%.

      Kill all 30 people on the list to get an additional 2.5%.

      Beat friends or computers at every activity to get an additional 5%.

      Get all your friend's special abilities and do all their activities to get an additional 10%. Note: This does not include Dwayne or Roman.

  • Easy health

    Dial "911" on your cell phone. You will reach a voice menu. Dial "2" for an ambulance. When the ambulance arrives, the paramedic will restore your health for approximately $1,000. After he refills your health, kill him to get your money back. -From: Mike

  • Easy money

    Go to an ATM, then cause a traffic jam to the area. Wait for someone to take money from the ATM, then kill him or her. Make sure to block any nearby roads so the ambulance cannot get to the murdered victim. Take the money they dropped on the ground. Then, run a short distance away, and go back. The money should have respawned on the ground. You can repeat this as many times as desired. You can also kill more people taking their money from the ATM to increase the amount of money that respawns. -From: Khairol161

    Find an area with a lot of people. Then, position yourself a decent distance away, and enable the "Spawn Jetmax" code. The boat should spawn above the people, fall on them, and kill them without raising your wanted level. You can then pick up the money dropped by the people killed. Repeat this process as many times as desired. -From: Vernon Reis

    After completing all of Stevie's 30 vehicle thefts, go to the garage in south Bohan. Then, enter one of the "Spawn" vehicle codes, and take the vehicle to the garage to get the indicated amount of money as long as the vehicle is in perfect condition. Repeat this as many times as desired. -From: Elan Gedalia

      Cognoscenti: $9,000
      Comet: $6,000
      NRG-900: $2,500
      Sanchez: $1,200
      SuperGT: $11,000
      Turismo: $11,000

    After completing all of Stevie's 30 vehicle thefts, take a taxi to the Perseus on Pyrite Street and Bismarck Avenue. Walk to the Grotti car dealership with a baseball bat. Use your baseball bat to break open the window on the east side of the building near the tree that has a Turismo parked behind it. Try not to damage this car. Take the Turismo, and drive it to Stevie's car shop. Taking the Charge Island bridge to Bohan is the best route. Stevie will give you approximately $10,000 for the car, depending on its condition. You can then take a taxi back to the dealership and do it again.

    Steal an armored truck, and blow it up to get approximately $1,100 from the piles of money surrounding the wreckage.

    There is a glitch in Aldeney at the intersection of Tudor and Port Tudor, close to the prison where you visit Gerald. You can find a total of nine armored trucks arriving back-to-back. Highjack one, then block the road. Another one will appear. Blow them up one-by-one. There is a total of approximately $1,100 on each truck, which is especially useful when just starting out or if you need money.

    Steal a Securicar, and blow it up to get approximately $1,000 from the piles surrounding the wreckage. To do this without getting a wanted level, you must drive it and get it damaged until it catches fire and explodes. Do not attack it with a weapon or you will get a two star wanted level. If the smoking Securicar stops running and still is not on fire, use your cell phone to call anyone, then hang up while it is dialing. The Securicar will start again, allowing you to do the last amount of damage to get it to catch on fire and explode.

    Go to a strip club, and kill the strippers. Each one drops about five or six wads of cash, but all the guards will attack you.

  • Easily lower wanted level

    If you want to get rid of your wanted level, simply start a mission. Your wanted level will instantly go away. If there were any police cars chasing you, the police will be gone but the cars will still be there. -From: D2

    To lose your wanted level, simply enter a safehouse, and save your progress. When you wake up, your wanted level will be gone.

  • Repairing engine

    If your vehicle breaks down and will not start, call any number saved in your cell phone or "911", and your engine should start again.

  • Quick repair

    While in a vehicle, if you drive over a health pack, your health will be restored and any damage to your car will fully repaired. This is very useful while playing online in a vehicle that has caught fire.

  • Parking more vehicles

    Outside your first hideout is a small parking area to park your vehicles and save them. Instead of parking your vehicles fully within the lines, you can park your vehicles partially within the lines to allow for more vehicles to be parked and saved. -From: Zane

    At the start of the game it would appear that you can only save two vehicles parked in the "Residents Parking Only" parking spaces in front of your safe house. However, if you can find other "Residents Parking Only" places around the city, you can also save vehicles there even if you do not have a safe house at those locations yet.

    If you attempt to use the trick to keep more than two vehicles in any one parking space, it will only work until you leave the current game session. If you shut off your system, play a multiplayer game, or load your most recent save, all but two of your vehicles will have disappeared. It seems to either save the two vehicles closest to the center of the parking space or two at random.

  • Fast travel

    To avoid wasting time driving all the way across the city, call a taxi. They will take you to your destination for your mission, stores, safe houses, or even a waypoint marker. You can skip through the taxi ride, allowing you to travel across the entire city in about ten seconds. This can also be done during missions.

  • Easy Assassin's missions

    Most of the Assassin's missions can be completed easier by using a helicopter. Land on a high position overlooking your target, and use the sniper rifle to kill them.

  • Easy headshots

    It is sometimes difficult to get headshots, which do count. With some practice, doing the following is an easy way to get headshots. Press [Auto-Aim], then use the Right Analog-stick to move the auto-aim target around your victim's body. Barely move the Right Analog-stick as you are shooting. This puts bullets in the chest and head, and results in an easy instant kill.

  • Easy drive-by shootings

    When you can, call Roman, and have him send a taxi to you. Let the taxi drive you around. You will be able to shoot at people without the driver stopping. He will also run past the cops and blockades as much as possible. When you get stuck, choose to end your ride at a destination without a wanted level.

  • Easy emergency vehicles

    Dial "911" on your cell phone. You will reach a voice menu that allows you to call the police by dialing "1", an ambulance by dialing "2", or a fire truck by dialing "3". Select the vehicle of your choice, and wait for them to arrive. They will stop and look around for the emergency, allowing you to easily steal their vehicle.

  • Getting away from police

    When running away from the cops, you will have a circular area in which they look for you. However, if you get out and another cop sees you, it changes. To use this to your advantage, barely get out of that circle, which you will see on your radar. Then, just sit there for about five seconds instead of flooring past it.

    If you are at a four star wanted level or less, find a place with grass or sand. The cops will follow you in, but they usually cannot get back out. You can then just drive away.

  • No wanted level when arrested

    When you are being arrested by a cop, instead of pressing A (with Xbox 360 controller) immediately, click Right Analog-stick (with Xbox 360 controller) to crouch. You will still be able to walk away, but you will not get a two star wanted level.

  • Calling for backup

    Steal a police car, and any time you are in trouble, press LB (with Xbox 360 controller) while your car is stationary. Select "Call For Backup", and within minutes you will have two cruisers full of police who will fight on your side unless you shoot someone. Note: They will turn on you when they realize you are not a cop.

  • Killing blind firing enemies

    To take out an enemy that is blind firing, aim for his shooting arm or hand while it is exposed. Once you wound him, he will usually stumble out of cover, giving you an easier kill.

  • Killing pedestrians without fighting

    You can kill most pedestrians by repeatedly running into them against walls. This is a good way to get easy money without alerting the police.

  • Regaining health during missions

    You can leave the mission area and go to a Cluckin' Bell, hotdog stand, etc. and eat food to replenish your health if you are low and cannot find a health pack. This is especially useful on missions where there are no health packs in sight. Note: You can also take a taxi to those locations during missions.

  • Avoiding toll booths

    Drive through any toll booth with any emergency vehicle with the sirens on. The booth attendant will open the gate, and you will save $5.

    Drive a normal car up to the toll booth. As you get close, slow down and jump out while making sure the car passes through the booth. Then, walk past the booth, and get in your car. -From: Mike

    While in a vehicle or on a motorcycle, drive up to the toll booth. Stay on the far side of the booth. Niko will stick his arm out but not put money in the basket, and the gate will still open.

    Drive a motorbike to the side of the pay toll wall. You will not pay a toll if you can drive through the small gap on the sides.

  • Free taxi rides

    Get in a taxi, but do not skip the ride after choosing your destination. When you are approximately two blocks away from your destination, break the window, and start shooting. The cab driver will get out and run away, allowing you not to have to pay for the ride. You can also kill the cab driver and take his money, so he is actually paying you for the taxi ride. -From: DemonUrameshi Naruto

  • Free internet access

    Some of your safehouses have a computer in them that will not charge the $1 fee. The Algonquin safehouse has a laptop in it, and is somewhat far away from some of the internet cafes.

  • Free health boost

    Enter an ambulance to get a small health increase.

  • Free shotgun shells

    Enter a police cruiser to get five shotgun shells.

  • Carbine rifle

    Use a helicopter, boat, or simply swim to reach Happiness Island. Go inside the first door of the Statue Of Happiness. There will be a security guard with a carbine rifle. Kill him to get the Carbine rifle.

  • Getting Desert Eagle early

    To get the Desert Eagle before you can buy it, kill the gun salesman in Broker that has it equipped, and then take it from him. Note: Doing this will prevent you from making any future purchases at this location. This will also cause bodyguards with shotguns to chase after you.

  • M-4 assault rifle

    Go to the Easton area in Algonquin. At the Grand Easton Terminal, go up the stairs in front. Keep going around that floor until you see a small pond. Move past it until you see a turn going left. Go to the left to get in between a tall building and a smaller one. At the end of the passageway is a dead end. Turn and you will see a glowing orange garbage can. Behind it is an M-4 assault rifle.

  • Getting pistol and shotgun early

    The following is an easy way to start the game with full pistol and shotgun ammo. Unlock the ability to save by sleeping on the bed in Roman's home. Getting the knife is also helpful. Go outside Roman's home, and kill a few people. The police will appear. Kill a police officer. He will drop his gun. Take it, then immediately run into Roman's home, and sleep on the bed. You can choose to save the game if desired. When you wake up, your wanted level will be down, and you will still have the pistol. Go back outside, and kill more pedestrians. When the cops appear, run up the stairs. Turn around at the top of the stairs, and face the door going outside of Roman's home. The cops will come through that door, and you can simply pick them off with your new pistol. Watch your health, and do not worry about picking up the guns. If your health gets low, you can sleep on the bed. Wake up, and when you go outside there will be lots of weapons. The shotgun will take longer because not every cop uses it. However, if you enter the police cars that have been abandoned outside the apartments, you can easily get five shells for the shotgun for each car you enter.

  • Getting Remington shotgun early

    You can get the good shotgun early in the game by simply going to the strip club. On the way out, there is a manager's office that you can enter. There is a large Remington shotgun on the floor you can take.

  • Claude outfit

    Kill Playboy X and get his penthouse. Then, save the game, and restart it. When you reload your saved game, look through your outfits, and you should have Claude's outfit (the main character in Grand Theft Auto 3). Everything from the leather jacket, the green cargos, and the black shoes with the white stripe on the bottom should be there.

  • Hidden shirt

    There is a secret Happiness Island shirt laying at the highest point on the statue's base that can be reached by foot. It looks like a glowing red rectangle. Once it is picked up, Niko will automatically put it on. It is a navy blue sweatshirt. The front shows the statue and reads "Happiness is..." and is continued on the back with the word "...land".

  • Niko in a bra

    To wear a bra, go to the clothes store called Modo, and walk up to the cashier. It must be a female cashier for this trick to work. Knife the cashier, and stand over her body for one game hour. Travel back to Roman's apartment, and go to the wardrobe. You should now have an option to wear a bra. Wearing the bra will change NPC dialogue, and they will start saying things to you like "What the hell are you wearing man?!"

  • Ski mask

    To unlock the ski mask so you can wear it anytime, successfully complete the "Three Leaf Clover" mission. It then becomes selectable as a hat in your wardrobe.

  • Vehicles

    Use the following method(s) to obtain the corresponding vehicle:


      Search in Meadows Park, Dukes.

      Air Tug

      Search at Francis International Airport.


      Found parked outside hospitals.


      Search Galveston Ave. near Middle Park.

      To get a unique gray Banshee with a black stripe, play the "Meltdown" mission. Niko automatically carjacks this vehicle after the intermission sequence at the first destination. Drive it to a parking spot to save it when you are supposed to meet Ray at the bridge. You will not fail the mission; just make sure to reach that point with it intact.


      Search the top of the Francis International Airport's parking lot.


      Search near banks.


      Search near the Industrial District.


      Search Star Junction or at the bus station near the Helitours site.


      Search the street Westdyke Memorial Hospital is on.

      To get a unique Cavalcade with black wheels, play the "Deconstruction For Beginners" mission. This is the vehicle that Playboy X has the weapons stocked in. After getting in and retrieving the weapons, drive it to a parking spot to save it, then continue with the mission.


      Search between the Burger Shot and the Swingers Golf Club.

      To get a unique yellow Comet, play the "No. 1" mission. This car is used in the street race. It is the same car as the DP Comet. Simply drive it to a parking spot to save it after the mission.


      Search near the Twichin's Sugar Factory.


      Found outside the church.


      Search near the amusement park's parking lot.


      Search near the Canyon Magaplex in Willis, Dukes.


      Several can be found around the coast of Acter Industrial Park.


      Get a four to six star wanted level and it will find you.


      Search by the Dragon Heart Plaza on Diman Street in Chinatown.


      Search near industrial areas.

      Use the following trick to get a maroon Flatbed. In the "Rigged to Blow" mission (the truck with the bomb), park it at your safehouse parking spot, and shoot at it until it explodes. Quickly save the game, then reload. The truck should be waiting for you, shiny and new, even though it was dirty in the mission.

      Fork Lift

      It can occassionally be found on the street to the left of the bridge under construction (island in top right).


      One is parked in front of the Willis Wash and Lube.

      Helitours Maverick

      Found at the Helitours company in Fishmarket South.


      Search in Steinway, Dukes.


      To get a unique cherry red Hellfury, play the mission "Ruff Rider" mission. Shoot Jayvon when he is driving the cherry red Hellfury. Then, drive it to a parking spot to save it after the mission.

      Huntley Sport

      Search near the LCPD station in Northern Gardens.


      Search in Outlook Park by the Pizza Salad restaurant.


      Search near the Liberty City Transport Authority in Rotterdam Hill in Broker.

      Laundromat Van

      In the "Hung Out To Dry" mission, instead of going to the front of the Laundromat, go around to the back first. The Laundromat Van will be sitting there. Break in, and steal it. Note: This will cause the mission to fail, but it is the only way to obtain this vehicle.


      Search the East Island City neighborhood in Dukes.


      Search near the Burger Shot on Huntington Street.


      Use the following trick to get a unique light blue Marbelle. In the "Uncle Vlad" mission, Vlad drives this car during the chase. After completing the mission, take it back to your parking spot to save it. Be careful as it starts out heavily damaged.


      Search in the top area of the residential district on the third main island.


      To get a unique silver Merit, after completing the "First Date" mission, take it back to your parking spot to save it.


      Search Charge Island near the water treatment plant.

      Mr. Tasty

      The ice cream truck can be found strolling around Broker and Dukes. When you steal an ice cream truck, turn the music on. It will change speed depending on how fast you are driving. If you reverse, so will the music. To cycle through the song played while driving, click the Left Analog-stick to start and stop it. The songs that are cycled through are "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies", "Greensleeves", "Scarborough Fair", "Flight Of The Bumble Bee", and "Flight Of The Valkyrie".

      NRG 900

      Search the corner of Bismark Ave and Topaz in Lancaster.


      Search by the Castle Gardens.

      A NOOSE Patriot can be found in the "Tunnel Of Death" mission. It is part of the convoy. You can take it, but this will cause the mission to fail.

      To get a unique yellow Patriot, play the "Blow Your Cover" mission. This vehicle is provided for you and is parked outside as soon as the mission begins. Simply drive it to a parking spot to save it, then proceed with the mission as desired.

      PCJ 600

      To get a unique red PCJ 600 with gold rims, play the "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle" mission. Gerry provides this bike for you at the start of the mission. Simply drive it to a parking spot to save it after completing the mission.


      This is an eighteen wheeler cab and can be found outside the first floor of the GL&S lawyers office building.

      PMP 600

      Search the alley by the Exchange District Bank in Algonquin.

      Police Cruiser

      A unique NOOSE Police Cruiser will appear randomly when your wanted level is at least four stars. This car has a different paint job than normal police cruisers, and the row of siren lights are a flat, small row, as opposed to the more prominent V-shaped row on normal cars. It can be found in the "Three Leaf Clover" mission.

      Police Maverick

      Found on top of the police station in Algonquin.


      Search at Castle Gardens.


      Search by the docks in Port Tudor.


      Search Fanny Crab's near Grand Easton Station.


      Several can be found around the coast of Acter Industrial Park.


      Search at Francis International Airport.

      Roman's Taxi

      This vehicle is unlocked when Roman's Respect stat reaches 100%.


      Search East Hook in Broker.


      Go to the Boabo neighborhood, and look at the map. Look directly north of Brucie's location, and find the roads that form the letter "P". Park near the "RON" gas station to find the Securicars that spawn regularly in that area.


      Search near the docks in Normandy.


      Use the following trick to get a unique black Stallion. In the "Escuela Of The Streets" mission, the dealers drive this vehicle during the scene after they arrive at the warehouse, when they get in and drive off. This car disappears after finishing the mission; you must fail the mission to keep the vehicle.


      Search the driveway of a green house in Berchem.

      Sultan RS

      This car can only be found sitting in the northeastern-most part of the final island. It is stashed in some bushes behind the small shack up a dirt road.

      Super GT

      Search on Calcium Street in front of the 69.


      Several can be found in the depot under the west end of Broker Bridge, east of the fire station.


      It can be found moored along the north coast of Acter Industrial Park.

      Tug boat

      Get in a boat, and search along the water between Alderny and Industrial Island to find a tug boat parked in front of two barges. Get near it, then jump on it, and press [Enter Vehicle] to steal it.


      You can find a Turismo parked outside a home in Owl Creek Avenue in Westdyke, or next to Faustin's house on Shinnecock Ave. in Beachgate, Broker.


      Search in Schottler.


      Search in East Island City.


      Search by the pool in Steinway, Dukes.

      Zombie motorcycle

      They can be found driving around by the Pay 'n' Spray near Port Tudor in Alderney.

      Use the following trick to get unique black and red Zombie. During the "No Love Lost" mission, these are the bikes used by the gang. Take one from a fallen gang member after or during the mission.

  • Easy Stevie vehicle theft missions

    Set a way point to one of the locations described in the "Stevie vehicle theft locations", then have a taxi drive you to the location. You will then only have to spend time driving to the garage in south Bohan.

  • Stevie vehicle theft locations

    The following is a list of all 30 vehicle theft locations for Stevie's missions. Once you get a vehicle, take it to south Bohan, a bit east of the safe house there. The entrance is on the east side of it, where it says "S&M Auto Sales". To get the listed reward, you must bring the vehicle in perfect condition. Note: If you have to break the window to steal a vehicle, it does not devalue the vehicle reward. The vehicle reward only goes down when you bump into things.


      Reward: $26,400

      Location: Algonquin, Middle Park West. Parked west of a building that says Mammon Heights, facing north. On the other side of the street is the art gallery. The easiest way to find this is to go to the southwest corner of Middle Park, go one block west, and then turn right to the north. The orange Banshee is on your right side.


      Reward: $8,250

      Location: Dukes, Francis International Airport. It is on top of the multistory car park, west of the terminal. Go up to the roof, and you will find it in the south area, parked on the middle part in front of a pay station.


      Reward: $5,940

      Location: Bohan, Industrial. Look at the map of Bohan, in the southeast corner is a two lane highway going southwest and then just ends out on the water. Go under that highway, on the road that goes northwest to southeast. At the corner where that road turns east, just south of it, is the car.


      Reward: $23,100

      Location: Alderney, Leftwood. The car is just north of the hospital. If you look at the map and see the northern Pay 'n' Spray, locate the road to the northwest that starts going west, makes a hairpin curve southwards, and then goes to the northwest. Where that road ends is a house with a small wall, and behind that small wall (visible from the street) is the car, parked facing west.


      Reward: $29,700

      Location: Alderney City. From the north Pay 'n' Spray, go west, and take the first south. At the third corner where the thin street meets the thicker street that goes south to west, stop here. Look east into the alley. It is parked on the south side of it in the middle.


      Reward: $19,800

      Location: Algonquin, Westminster. Look at the southern Pay 'n' Spray at the west coast of Algonquin. There is a set of three docks to the west and a bit south of here. The northern one of the three has a big parking lot (darker street, looks like an alley on the map) to the east. Go there. To the northwest is a big domed building where the car is located.


      Reward: $8,250

      Location: Dukes, Boabo. This is the same location you went for the "Bleed Out" story mission. The guy dropped his car here and ran up the stairs. If you do not remember where it is, look where the Algonquin Bridge hits the land. Follow the first road that goes under it in the west a bit north. Before it curves to the east, look to the west through the gate of a factory with two large buildings. The car is in between.


      Reward: $13,530

      Location: Algonquin, Suffolk. Take the road north of the weapons shop, and go west. At the fifth intersection, go north, then look to the west to see a church. The Coquette is parked here on the west side of the road. This road is also directly two blocks south of the big sky scraper.


      Reward: $5,940

      Location: Broker, Hove Beach. Southeast of the broker safe house is a train station. You can see the symbol for it overlapping a building to the north on the map. On the ground level of the train station is a parking garage in the south-eastern corner, where the DF8-90 is parked.


      Reward: $6,600

      Location: Dukes, Willis. Take the road west of the northern car wash to the north. At the third road that goes west, turn left. The Dilettante is parked on the right side (north) here. If you look to the east, you should see the "Big Willis Mall" sign.


      Reward: $7,260

      Location: Algonquin, East Holland. Go to the northern Modo clothes store. Across the street to the southeast, the Dukes is parked facing east just as the street goes downward. You can see the clothes store from where the car is parked.


      Reward: $2,310

      Location: Algonquin, Chinatown. The Faggio is one block south and a bit to the west of the gun shop, on the north side of the street.


      Reward: $6,600

      Location: Dukes, Willis. Go to the northeast car wash. The bike is just south of it parked on the street, on the eastern side, facing north.

    Huntley Sport

      Reward: $13,200

      Location: Bohan, Northern Gardens. In northern Bohan, where the two lane high way from the east merges into one lane again, a small road goes south. At that corner to the southeast is a police station. The car is parked in a parking lot with a wall around it in the north of the station. It opens up to the west, which is also the direction the car faces. Be careful as there is a cop standing right next to it.


      Reward: $33,000

      Location: Dukes, Downtown. Look for the circle in Outlook, with the big arch on it. Go north from it, and you will see the Infernus parked on the east street side facing north, in front of a place that has a "Pizza Salad" sign on it.


      Reward: $8,250

      Location: Broker, Rotterdam Hill. Take the road that is south of the weapons shop, and go west on it. Follow it generally to the northwest then west again. The road then makes a curve to the southeast. Before the curve is where the Intruder is parked. There is also a hot dog stand there. The car faces west.


      Reward: $3,960

      Location: Dukes, Heights. One block east of the Cluckin' Bell in Cerveza Heights, you will see an old burger shop that is no longer open. The Manana is parked on the south side of it facing west. The block it is on has an alley on the map that goes from east to south.


      Reward: $7,260

      Location: Charge Island. The street on Charge Island in the northeast goes close to the water front. Just as it curves back to the southwest, there is a parking lot (darker grey area on the map). The Moonbeam is in the middle of the southern end, facing north.

    NRG 900

      Reward: $8,250

      Location: Algonquin, Lancaster. From the northeast corner of Middle Park, go east one block, then turn south. The bike is parked on the east side of the street in the middle of this block, facing north.

    PMP 600

      Reward: $10,560

      Location: Algonquin, The Exchange. Look at the map in southern Algonquin. In the block just north of the Perseus clothes store is a bank (occupying the south-eastern part of that block). Just north of that is an alley (same colored street as the surrounding streets though) in which the PMP 600 is parked.


      Reward: $16,500

      Location: Algonquin, The Exchange. Go one block west from the southern Perseus clothes store and then one block south. On the southwest corner of the next block to the south, on its south side, facing west is a yellow Patriot.


      Reward: $8,250

      Location: Alderney in the Port Tudor area. Look at the map, and locate the weapons shop. To the east from there are two docks that have roads on them. To the west of those docks are two buildings with roads around them. The southern of the two has the northeast corner missing. The Rancher is in that corner.


      Reward: $11,550

      Location: Algonquin, The Triangle. From the Cluckin' Bell, go south, and take the second road east. Stop at the next corner, and look to the southeast. There is a restaurant with a crab logo. The Rebla is parked outside it, on the east side of the road, facing north. Across the corner to the northeast is the Daily Globe building.

    Sabre GT

      Reward: $8,250

      Location: Parked in a drive way facing north, in Dukes. Drive on the road that is to the east of the large circle in Meadows Park to the north. At the corner of the street that goes east in a slight southward wave, stop. It is well south of the two large circles. Look to the northeast, there is a house there with a drive way and a two door garage. The Sabre GT is parked in front of the right one.


      Reward: $8,250

      Location: Alderney, Normandy. Go west from the Booth tunnel, take the second one south, and then turn left again. There is a Tudor Port sign on your right. The car is behind the sign and before the gates ahead. It is parked facing north, on the west side of the road leading into the gated area.


      Reward: $11,550

      Location: Alderney, Bechem.

    Super GT

      Reward: $36,300

      Location: Algonquin, The Exchange. Go from the southern Perseus store to the north (through the street that is a bit wavy). On the third street, after the 69 Exchange, turn west, and you should see it parked on the northern side of the road facing west. Right next to it is a bank.


      Reward: $36,300

      Location: Alderney, Westdyke. Go from the northern car wash. Take the road south of it to the west, then south. Turn east, and when the next road goes off to the south, stop. Just to the north of here in that block is a house that has a marking of an alley in a T shape on the map. It is the western most one. In the northeast corner of that T is the Turismo.


      Reward: $6,600

      Location: Dukes, East Island City. As you come off the East Borough Bridge, follow this road until it ends and you run right into it. It is parked on the east side of a street; to the east is a large tower form LC24; to the southeast a hotdog stand; and a bit to the southwest is a police station. Be careful of those cops.


      Reward: $7,260

      Location: Dukes, Steinway. Look at Dukes. There is the large elongated circular park in the northwest on the western shore. Go to its west side. The Washington is parked on the west side of the road here, facing south.

  • Phone numbers

    Dail one of the following numbers on Niko's cell phone to call the indicated business or person:


      Bean Machine Coffee: 555-0110
      Emergency Services: Dial "911" to summon the police, fire department, or an ambulance.
      Express Car Service: 555-2222
      Express Car Service: 555-3333
      Fire Proof Doors: 555-5700
      Hero Shop: 555-8575
      LCPD Recruitment: 555-RECRUIT
      Liberty Construction: 555-1274-73
      No Problemo Bail Bonds: 555-945-733-92
      Storage: 555-221-3877
      Superb Deli: 555-4674
      The Serrated Edge: 1-800-555-5555
      Used Auto Parts: 555-7300
      Vinewood Laundromat: 555-5123
      Zit Song Identifier: Dial "948-555-0100" if you hear a song you like on the radio, dial this number to get a text message with the name and artist of the song.


      Blackmailer from "Call And Collect" mission: 843-555-0124
      Drug dealer from "Lure" mission: 545-555-1022
      Roman Bellic: 718-926-7215

  • Police database

    Go to a TW@ Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter "www.libertycitypolice.com" as a URL to go to the Liberty City Police Department website. Click the "Database" tab at the bottom of the home page to get information on all characters, including Niko and Roman.

  • Wanted as a pedophile

    Go to a TW@ Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter "www.littlelacysurprisepageant.com" as a URL to get an instant five star wanted level as a pedophile.

  • Internet websites

    Go to a TW@ Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter one of the following URLs to visit that site:


  • TV channels

    The following is a list of what can be seen when you turn on a television:


      CNT commercial
      Fear The Dark Finger movie commercial
      I'm Rich
      LCPD Recruitment - Join LCPD
      Patriot 500
      The History Of The Civil War And Beyond


      John Hunter political commercial
      Republican Space Rangers cartoon
      Terror Marathon
      Venturas Poker Challenge
      VIG Insurance commercial
      Vinewood Cunts
      Weazel Wednesdays

  • Faster motorcycles

    Note: A PCJ600 or NRG900 is recommended for this trick. To drive faster, accelerate, and just as your bike is about to shift into third gear, tap the Left Analog-stick repeatedly about every second. Do not tap it too fast or you will lose rear tire grip. If done correctly, the engine will gradually get near to the end of its last gear. When it gets to the end of its last gear, the revs will jump to indicate that you are travelling at the bike's top speed.

  • Moving up stairs faster

    Instead of running up a set stairs, try jumping up them to move faster.

  • Self-healing fire truck

    If your fire truck catches on fire, use its water cannon to put out the flames and prevent it from exploding.

  • Avoiding calls

    To avoid being interrupted during a mission by a friend or wanting to explore the city without getting a call for another mission, bring up the cell phone menu. Enter the "Options" menu, and turn "Sleep Mode" on.

  • Change police siren

    Get in a police car, and turn on the sirens. Hold [Horn] to cycle through alternate siren sounds until released.

  • Shooting people with water cannon

    Steal a fire truck, then press [Fire] while driving around to shoot the super water cannon at people around you. You will get many funny reactions from the people that you shoot with it.

  • Driving on roller coaster

    Steal a Blista Compact or another small sports car, and drive to the abandoned roller coaster in Broker on Firefly Island. Knock down the section of fence next to the road near the ticket booths. Drive onto the section of tracks that is almost level with the ground. Drive your car around the roller coaster. You may get stuck on the turns, but you can carefully squeeze by them with careful driving.

  • Getting tossed by friend

    Invite a friend to hang out with you. Gently nudge him with your car, enough to knock him over but not enough to hurt him. After a few times, he will open the car door and throw you out.

  • Friend in hospital

    If a friend gets run over by an NPC on the way to see you, you will only be able to get his voice mail. A few in-game days later he will call, asking to be picked up from the hospital.

  • Bumping into an officer

    When you see a cop on the sidewalk, you can push past him like any other pedestrian while walking. However, if you continue to push and pester a cop, even if you do not have a weapon or throw a punch, he will attempt to arrest you.

  • Burnout

    While in a car, hold [Accelerate] + [Brake] to do a burnout. If you keep doing this, the smoke will change color and eventually your tires will burst.

  • Easy 360s

    Gain some speed in a car, then hold [Handbrake] until you have completed a full 180. Just before you complete the 180, release [Handbrake] and hold [Brake], which will spin you the next 180 degrees. However, some vehicles cannot do this. Also, with some vehicles, holding [Brake] will spin you back the way you came while using the handbrake, resulting in back-to-back 180s.

  • Easy strikes in bowling

    Select the first lane (all the way to the left). Take two full steps to the left. Hold Right Analog-stick Down for about a half second, then press Right Analog-stick Up (with Xbox 360 controller). Do not add any aftertouch to the throw.

  • View Statue Of Happiness' heart

    Once you gain access to Happiness Island, find the Helicopter Tours, which is directly east of Happiness Island, and steal a helicopter. Fly to Happiness Island and over the Statue Of Happiness, then jump out of the helicopter at the statue's feet. You should land on the top-most tier of the statue, which is basically a square platform with a door in the center of each side. Run around the platform until you see a door with a plaque on either side of it that reads, "No Hidden Content Here". It may seem like you cannot go through the door, but you can -- it doesn't open, you simply walk through the door. You will find an empty room with a tall ladder inside. Climb it, and when you reach the top, look up to see a huge beating heart, held in place by chains.

  • Online dating

    You can date people from the in-game internet. When looking at their profile, click "Date". You will then have to wait a few in-game days for a negative or positive reply via email. If your date accepts, reply to their email, and meet them.

  • Lap dance duet at strip club

    Go to a strip club, and reserve a lap dance. After the performance is done, she will ask if you want another, accept twice, and she will bring another girl into the room for a duet.

  • Brucie's tattoos

    The tattoo on Brucie's breast means "I" in Chinese. The tattoo on his right forearm means "straightforward person". The tattoo on his left forearm means "unqualified". The tattoo on his waist actually means "shemale".

  • Lola the lollypop girl

    Lola is a prostitute in the game. She can be found near the docks. Search the Police Database for Lola del Rio, and it will tell you her location.

  • Finding Eddie Low the serial killer

    Throughout the game the radio, television, and internet talk about a serial killer. You can meet him in an alley close to the Auto Eroticar dealership in Alderney. When you get close to the alley, a circle called "friend" will appear. He will ask you for a ride. You can then hear all the crazy things he has to say.

  • Visiting your kidnapped victim again

    While driving through southern Alderny soon after completing Garry's kidnapping missions, you my noticed a blip on the radar. Drive to the small house, and you will see the mob daughter who screams and calls for help. Her father and several gangsters will appear and attack you.

  • Getting inside the Alderny Correctional Facility

    Steal a helicopter, and fly over the top of the prison. Land on the basketball courts to avoid getting a wanted level. After entering the prison, you can see prisoners talking with each other, eating on the benches, a crazy prisoner, and correctional officers on patrol.

  • Sex toys

    Pink vibrators can be found all throughout Liberty City. A good place to look is in the warehouse where the final mission takes place. Search in the little bundles of trash on the ground on the inside of the warehouse. They can be found elsewhere, but this is a good place to look as it is also the starting location of Party mode.

    There is a purple dildo sticking out of a pile of trash under the stairs by Salvatore's mansion.

  • Hospital sex poster

    There is a funny hospital poster in the north Alderney hospital on Long John avenue. You will go inside the hospital for a mission. On the left hand side when you walk in, read the sex poster. It may help if you use your camera or a sniper rifle to zoom in.

  • Brucie on "Money Maker" magazine

    Zoom in on the magazine in Playboy X's penthouse coffee table. Brucie is on the cover of "Money Maker" magazine with the subtitle "How To Spend It Wisely".

  • Mid-air cars

    While in a helicopter, preferably the Annihilator, enable a code to spawn a vehicle. The vehicle will either float in the air motionless, fall at high speeds, or hit your rotor and spin off.

  • Stopping police siren

    Shoot out a police car's lights with a gun to make the siren malfunction.

  • No helmet on motorcycle

    Use the following trick to ride a motorcycle without Niko wearing a helmet. Tap Y at any point during the animation where Niko puts the helmet on, but before the helmet actually appears. Doing this cancels the animation, and Niko will not wear his helmet. If you wait too long and press that button after the helmet has appeared in Niko's hand, it will still cancel the animation, but the helmet will immediately appear on Niko's head.

  • Honking traffic jam

    Drive up to an intersection, and start honking your horn. Other vehicles will join in and honk as well. If you honk your horn near a police car, they will run their siren to honk with you.

    While stopped in a vehicle in a large traffic jam, tap out the rhythm of the musical phrase "Shave and a haircut" with your horn. Another car in the traffic jam or pedestrian will answer it with the standard two beep "two bits" response.

  • License plate messages

    Certain vehicles have funny notes on their license plates cover or border. For instance, the "Ruiner" 1980's Camaro clone has the saying "Ruining Imports Since '67".

  • British pedestrian

    On Lockowski Ave., there is a British man in the auto car dealership. If you bump into him he will shout things like "You wanker" and so forth.

  • Karate pedestrian

    At the bottom area of Broker is a beach. Continue to the edge nearest to Algonquin to see a pedestrian practicing karate.

  • Ratman

    Walk in the darkest parts of the subway, and you might find someone called "Ratman". When you get close to him, he will say said he is Ratman but will then run very fast down the subway. You will not be able to catch up with him.

  • Invisible rider

    Get killed or somehow otherwise get to Schottler Medical Center. Enable the "Spawn Sanchez" code. Look at the inside of the hospital from the bottom of the stairs. Keep pressing A (with Xbox 360 controller) on the "Cheat" option of your cell phone until you see a Sanchez appear inside the hospital. Go up to it, and get on the bike. Either all the walls will disappear, all the walls will have inverse colors, or everything will turn very bright white. No matter what, Niko will be invisible and so will your gun if you choose to fire it. The muzzle flash appears but the gun itself does not. You can get on and off the bike. Note: If you try to go outside the hospital, you will become visible again.

  • Fall through ground

    Drive a large vehicle, such as an SUV, to Francis International Airport. Drive sideways under a moving plane so that the wheels are pushing into you. Sometimes you and the car will drop below the world. After a few seconds, you will respawn back on land with the vehicle gone.

    Get to the part where you go into the subway about halfway through the mission "Your Shirt, Your Boots, Your Motorcycle". Stay to the left. When the subway car comes towards you, keep left, and try to get in-between the wall and the subway car. Doing this will drop you into "blue hell" for a few seconds before popping you back up.

    Go to "Fishmarket South" (where you do one mission for Bernie). Find the Anchor statue near the sea. Go towards the water and over the little dock into the water. Swim to the right (south) until you see a wooden "pier" against the wall. It should have square gaps that you can hop through. Jump through the one to the far right (the first one you swim past), and move towards the wall. You will fall down into "blue hell".

  • Swim under city

    Go to the north part of the map, just northwest of Butterfly Street in Bohan. Then, get down to the outskirts of the land, and walk towards the corner between the brick wall and the cliff. You can walk through the invisible wall. Lookup towards the city to see the city from below. You can also continue onwards and swim under the city.

  • Skull box inside Packie's head

    Position Packie between the camera and Niko. Move until the camera is inside Packie, and look at the center of his head to find a box with skulls.

  • Random character missions

    There are a total of 22 total random character missions. All except Jeff, Cherise, Ivan, and Clarence count towards 100% completion. There are six on the first island (three for Brian, and one each for Mel, Ilyena, and Badman), twelve on the second island (three for Jeff, two each for Marnie, Sara, and Pathos, and one each for Hossan, Clarence, and Cherise), and four on the third island (two for Eddie Low, and one each for Gracie and Ivan). Note: The missions for Ivan, Clarence, and Cherise are only available if you allow them to live during the storyline missions. The random characters only appear after the following missions:

      Brian: It's Your Call
      Badman: Shadow
      Mel: Escuela Of The Streets
      Ilyena: The Puerto Rican Connection
      Hossan: The Puerto Rican Connection
      Sara: The Puerto Rican Connection
      Pathos: The Puerto Rican Connection
      Jeff: Photo X
      Cherise: The Holland Play
      Marnie: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
      Eddie Low: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
      Ivan: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
      Gracie: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
      Clarence: Blood Brothers

    The missions can be picked up at the following locations. If a person has multiple missions, you must wait at least one or two days before trying to find them again.

      Brian 1: Close to Roman's taxi cab stand
      Brian 2: Near Vlad's bar
      Brian 3: Middle left on the map, off Munsee Ave. and Dillon
      Badman: Top center of the map off Morris Dr
      Mel: Near Vlad's bar on Iroquois
      Ilyena: Firefly Island on the bottom of the map, near the park
      Hossan: Off Garnet St
      Sara 1: At night, near Hossan spot on Feldspar
      Sara 2: At night, near the Broker Bridge.
      Pathos 1: Middle of the map, off Burlesque and near Lorimar
      Pathos 2: Near the previous location, except off Manganese and Denver-Exeter
      Jeff 1: Near Bismarck and Uranium
      Jeff 2: Will call you on the phone near Bismarck and Topaz
      Jeff 3: Denver and Feldspar
      Cherise: Exeter and Wardite
      Marnie 1: Diamond and Liberty
      Marnie 2: Union Drive and Quartz
      Clarence: Astoria and Vauxit, near Jeff's first encounter
      Eddie Low 1: Between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. at Panhandle and Lockoqski
      Eddie Low 2: Between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. at Aspdin and Cockerell
      Ivan: Near Farnsworth and Fleming area
      Gracie: Near Babbage Dr

  • Most wanted mission locations, hints, and tips

    Bohan Dukes and Broker

      Maxwell Caughlin

      Crime: Gang Related Violence

      Location: He is just one block north of the safehouse in Bohan. As you near him, he will pull out and drive away. Shoot him and his friend. Aim for the driver and the tires. If you cannot aim precisely, just keep shooting the car until they bail out.

      Scott Guzowski

      Crime: Gang Related Violence

      Location: He and his gang are hiding out in Steinway, in the large park to the west. Go to the road east of them, then hop over the wall. There is a small wall down there that will give you cover. You can take all four of them out from there.

      Antoinio Rivette

      Crime: Racketeering

      Location: He and his friends hide in the train station at South Slopes. Go there, and go up the stairs. He has three helpers with him. Be careful as it is very crowded.

      Rodrigo Stavnes

      Crime: Racketeering

      Location: He and three friends are on foot. Look for the blip location, and go to the road west of it. The GPS will lead you to the one east of it. As you get close, they will run to the street here. Run them over or shoot them. They will go north and split up at the end of the street. Kill them before that happens to save time.

      Fernando Tisdel

      Crime: Human Trafficking

      Location: He hides out in Hove Beach. He will come out in a car with three of his friends to the south of the blip. They will then make a run for it. Keep up with them. Try to kill the driver as that will get them to stop and get out, or just spray the car with bullets.

      Tyler Pickrel

      Crime: Human Trafficking

      Location: He is in Meadows Park, to the northeast of the big circle. He will make a run for it when you are close, but on foot. Run him over or gun him down.

      Preston Pecinovsky

      Crime: Credit Card Fraud

      Location: He hides out in the northeast of Bohan. Approach him from the east. You can then gun them all down or blow up their two cars with a rocket launcher. The rockets are expensive; only use them if they try to get away. You can usually just snipe them, even out of the car as they move. If they take off, steal a car, and follow and kill all of them.

      Alonso Goralski

      Crime: Burglary

      Location: There are two people at the airport. When you approach, one is in a car. The other person stays near the gatehouse where the blip was. Hunt down the one in the car first, then return for the other person. Do not get too close to that second person because he has a shotgun.

      Bert Reker

      Crime: Drug Trafficking

      Location: They hide out in a junkyard in Bobao. Approach it from the southeast. As you go down the road, stop and pull out a sniper rifle. From up here, you can kill a fair number of them. With their ranks thinned, go down, and take out the rest.

      Freddy Paparo

      Crime: Grand Theft Auto

      Location: Freddy is north in a parking lot in Steinway close to the waterfront and to the west of the bridge going north. As you get closer, you will see Freddy and three friends pull out in a car. Shoot the car until it explodes or they bail out, then kill them all.


      Shon Kikuchi

      Crime: Gang Related Violence

      Location: He is in North Holland, in the block across the northwest corner of Middle Park. As soon as you get close, he will make a run for it in a Banshee. At first, he is rather slow. Try to get close, and shoot him out of the driver's seat. If that does not work, he will speed up. Keep shooting his car until it breaks down so he goes on foot or it explodes.

      Jimmy Kand

      Crime: Gang Related Violence

      Location: He is in the northern area of the X building in Northwood, the same one Dwayne is at. Enter it through the south, and use the stairs, just to the right and then around the corner to your left. On the first floor, you will notice that the red target icon changes from an up arrow to a circle. That means you are on the correct floor. Ignore everyone else, and shoot Jimmy in his room as he lays there passed out.

      Simon Nashly

      Crime: Racketeering

      Location: He and his gang hide out in Fishmarket South in the building with the sign Pier 45 on it that looks like a "#" sign on the map. You will find them all over the different levels of this building, and they move around. Watch the radar closely to get their positions to find them all. Do not worry if cops show up as you can also kill them. Your wanted level goes away as soon as you kill the last of the gang.

      Tommy Francovic

      Crime: Racketeering

      Location: As you approach him in Castle Garden City, he will take off on a bike driving north form his starting position. Ram him with your car, then drive over him or shoot him.

      Barry Lamora

      Crime: Human Trafficking

      Location: He is standing with two friends on the northeast corner of the apartment building on the south area on Colony Island. Kill his friends while he runs away, then chase him down. He moves south towards the old hospital.

      Lino Friddell

      Crime: Hit and Run

      Location: He and two of his friends are close to Middle Park. As you approach the blip, they will run to the east in the alley, then go north to an SUV parked there. If they make it, they drive off, and you have to chase them down. Two easy ways to kill them are to drive into that alley and run them over or drive to the alley in the north, and as they go for the SUV, and kill them. This also helps you block the SUV in case they do make it there.

      Juan Haimo

      Crime: Burglary

      Location: He is found near the north end of Star Junction. When you get close, three bikes will take off from there to the east. Stand where they come out, and shoot them before they can get anywhere. Kill any that you can. If one makes off, chase him. Bump the bike to make him fall off, then drive over him or shoot him.

      Darren Covey

      Crime: Arms Dealing

      Location: He hides with five of his friends in a parking garage in Purgatory. You can get up there over a ramp to the south. When you get the red targets, stop, and get out of the car. Take out your sniper rifle, and shoot the people from this distance. Stand east of the barrier. By doing this, they will most likely not have a chance to hit you. You can also use the RPG on one of the cars to kill them, but the sniper rifle is cheaper and almost as effective.

      Leo Brodell

      Crime: Drug Trafficking

      Location: He is in a building just south of the three X buildings in East Holland. The entrance is on the north side, to the very east of the building. When you stand in front of it, the entrance is to the left and to the right is a blue banner on the buildings reading "Real Loose Clothing". The first one is just on the first landing. The second one is on the other side where the steps go up again. Exactly one level above that one is the third person. The next level is clear. Another person stands at the landing of the next level. Then, go up to the door leading to the roof. Shoot the door, and immediately to the right behind it is the next person. The last person hides on the roof, to the right around the corner and behind a small wall when you get out there.

      Christov Mahonvic

      Crime: Grand Theft Auto

      Location: He is in a building in Fishmarket South, just north of the Broker Bridge near the waterfront, with a lot of garbage trucks parked to the south. One of the story missions also brings you to this exact building. All of them are hidden in there. Snipe them from the south when you get past the fence. Anything that is not reachable that way (for example, the person in the upper level just to the left when you enter) will need to be killed close up. The rest should be easy kills with the sniper rifle without you getting hit.


      Marty Boldenow

      Crime: Gang Related Violence

      Location: He is hiding out in Acter, north of the gun shop. Approach it from the south. He has an entire crew there helping him out. Kill them all, but be careful as they are equipped with assault rifles.

      Noel Katsuda

      Crime: Gang Related Violence

      Location: He and his gang are in southwest Tudor. Approach it from the south and west. Throw a grenade over the wall, then go in and kill the rest. His gang has SMGs', so use cover here.

      Rodney McEniry

      Crime: Racketeering

      Location: He and his crew are in a back alley in Berchem. Approach it from the south, and go into the alley to take him and his three friends down.

      Glenn Lushbaugh

      Crime: Human Trafficking

      Location: He is in Alderney City, just south of the highway across from the Auto Erotica. As you get close, he will pull out of an alley and drive off. Chase him, and shoot his car until it is destroyed.

      Phil Bacerra

      Crime: Hit and Run

      Location: He is close to the Booth tunnel, just to the southwest of it near the marina. You will see two trucks there. Each has two men in them. You must kill all four to complete this task.

      Sergi Szerbin

      Crime: Burglary

      Location: He is hiding next to the Pay And Spray in the north. Drive to the first street to the south of the one in front of the shop. You can use a rocket launcher to blow up the car in front, doing a lot of damage to them. However, this is very expensive with little pay off. Instead, use the sniper rifle, and kill what you can from here. They will not come at you. Get closer, and kill those still hiding. You can do this easily without a single shot hitting you.

      Danny Hatmaker

      Crime: Arms Dealing

      Location: He hides out at the port area in Normandy. These people also stay in place, around the large tanks close by. Watch the map to see targets that are above you, but most are on ground level. The last two hide between the containers to the southwest.

      Mervin Eskuchen

      Crime: Drug Trafficking

      Location: He sits with his friends in two Patriots to the west of the TW@ Internet Cafe. Approach them from the north using the street just east of the blip. When you get the red targets, get out of the car with an assault or carbine, and target the men in the cars. You should be able to kill at least one of them by doing this. They often also stop, and you can easy pick all four off the streets. If they get moving, get in your car again, and hunt them down. They drive very close around the blocks all the time. You can also try to wait at a corner and blow them up with a rocket launcher, but that is unnecessary expensive.

      Frederick Harrison

      Crime: Grand Theft Auto

      Location: He and his friends hide in Tudor, near the old bridge. One of the men is to the south under the bridge itself. The rest all hide up on the bridge. As you go up, check behind you. They like to shoot you in the back. Use your sniper rifle when you can see them from afar.

      Keenan Burdett

      Crime: Armed Robbery

      Location: He and a lot of his gang are hiding out in a multi-storey car park in Leftwood, slightly to the north from the Pay And Spray. Go to the southwest corner here, and enter through the door in the south wall. In here is a Sprunk soda machine. If you need some health while doing this, it will help. Go through the next door to the north. Follow the ramps just slightly to your right. Go up the levels. There are a few hiding behind pillars here, but the main force is on the roof. As you go up, use your sniper rifle to kill them. The last of them make a stand in the northeast corner. Remember the Sprunk machine at the entrance to refill your health if needed.

  • Vehicle list

    The following vehicles can be found in the game:


      Blista Compact
      PMP 600
      Roman's Taxi
      Sabre GT
      Sultan RS
      Super GT

    SUVs, vans, and trucks

      Cavalcade FXT
      Huntley Sport
      Mr. Tasty
      Noose Patriot

    Commercial and emergency vehicles

      FIB Buffalo
      Police Cruiser
      Police Patrol
      Police Stockade
      Sky Tram
      Subway Tram
      SWAT Van


      NRG 900
      PCJ 600




      Helitours Maverick

  • Hospitals
      Alderney: Westdyke Hospital and North Tudor Hospital Center
      Algonquin: Holland Hospital Center, Cerveza Heights Medical Center, and Easton Medical Center
      Bohan: Bohan Medical & Dental Center
      Broker: Schottler Medical Center

  • Hotels
      Bell Tower Apartments
      Goering Hotels
      Grand Northumbrian
      Hotel Underbrucker
      Opium Nights
      Pythagoras Apartments
      The Abattoir Apartments
      The Big House
      The Celtica
      The Libertine :The Emissary
      The Majestic
      The Matterhorn
      The Nicoise

  • Neighborhoods


      Alderney City
      Alderney State Correctional Facility
      Acter Industrial Park
      Port Tudor


      Castle Garden City
      Castle Gardens
      City Hall
      Fishmarket North
      Fishmarket South
      Hatton Gardens
      East Holland
      Little Italy
      Lower Easton
      Middle Park
      Middle Park East
      Middle Part West
      North Holland
      Presidents City
      Star Junction
      The Exchange
      The Meat Quarter
      The Triangle
      Varsity Heights


      Chase Point
      Little Bay
      Northern Gardens
      South Bohan


      East Hook
      Firefly Island
      Firefly Projects
      Hove Beach
      Rotterdam Hill
      South Slopes


      Beachwood City
      Cerveza Hights
      East Island City
      Francis Internal Airport
      Meadow Hills
      Meadows Park


      Charge Island
      Colony Island
      Happiness Island

  • Digital porn in Do You Have Protection

    In the mission "Do You Have Protection", when you enter the building with three men, look at the television they were watching. It will show the porn movie the men were watching.

  • Easy escape path in Holland Nights mission

    As you are going up the stairs to chase Clarence, you will see a green health kit. Do not take it. Continue chasing Clarence, and follow the advice of McCleary about not using your weapon until you are on the second floor; otherwise, Clarence will just get into a vehicle and leave. If you wait until you are on the second floor, he will climb to the roof. After you have chosen Clarence's fate, you will instantly get a three star wanted level regardless of what you selected. You must battle your way out. Since you are going down, you have a distinct disadvantage in cover and will take lots of damage. To give yourself an advantage, park a fast car on the street near the opening in the gate at the start of the mission. Do not pull up to the gate. Use the stairs to your right to give chase. Once you have gotten to the roof and chosen his fate, descend to the level with the first aid kit (green box). Since you left it there on your way up, you will know what level you are on and can power up. Go to the side of the building where your car is parked, and jump over the railing. You will not lose much health when you land. Sprint to your car, and get away from the cops. If done correctly, you should not take a single bullet from police. The health pack is a requirement to survive the fall.

  • Zombie costume in Multiplayer mode

    In ranked online Multiplayer mode, either reach rank 2 or kill a Rockstar employee. Bring up the cellphone menu, select "Multiplayer", then scroll down to "Player model", and select it. Press LB (with Xbox 360 controller) to access a costume that turns you into a zombie wearing only Rockstar underwear. While in the costume, press LB (with Xbox 360 controller) to make sounds.

  • Hidden car in Multiplayer mode

    You can find a secret car in Party, Free For All, Story Line, Bomb da Base II, Cops 'n Crooks, Car Jack City, Mafiya Work, and Deathmatch modes.

  • Lara Croft appearance in Multiplayer mode

    Reach rank 1 in all events to unlock all clothes and items. Then, use the following options to create Lara Croft:

      Gender: Female
      Hair: 2/5
      Head: 3/4
      Torso: 4/4
      Legs: 6/6
      Glasses: 1/2
      Hats: None

  • Crude humor references
      Cherry Popper

      Look at the side of an ice cream van. It reads "Cherry Popper".


      Inside the laundromat, the detergent being used and prominently displayed above the back washing machine is "Jizz! Big Washing Power", an obvious attempt at crude humor.

      The Brown Note

      Near Faustin's house is a reference to a legendary musical note. When you are in the area, proceed to the dead end about a block away towards the water. Hop over the fence on your left while facing the water, and a man should be sitting on a bench reading a book titled "The Brown Note". Musician's joke that this is a note that when played causes bowel movements by the person playing it.

      Bowling alley logo

      During the bowling date with Michelle, when you enter the bowling alley, notice the neon bowling alley sign. Look closely to see that it resembles male genitalia.

      Cop names

      During the intermission sequence for the "I'll Get Her" mission, look closely behind Gerry Mcreary. There is a whiteboard for shift changes for the prison guards. Some of their names are Phil McCrevis (feel my crevice) and Richard Head (dick head).

  • Movie references

      Reach the part of the game where Niko and Roman have a safehouse in South Bohan. In the house on the left of the table near the television is a pile of books. The middle purple book in a stack of three is titled "Madness & Blasphemy: The Do's and Dont's". This is an reference to the movie 300 where in the "This is Sparta!" scene, the lines "This is blasphemy! This is madness!" are spoken.

      Le Fin Absolue Du Monde

      This film is referenced in the city and in the in-game internet. Go by Frankfort Ave. in Algonquin to find a poster of a movie called "The Flying Whore". That poster is a reference to Le Fin Absolue Du Monde, the fake deadly-film featured in the short movie Cigarette Burns by John Carpenter in the Masters Of Horror series on TV. To see a funny review of that movie, search for it at the online cultural magazine of Liberty City through the in-game internet.

      Point Break

      In Packie's "Three Leaf Clover" mission, while Michael is watching the hostages, one of the men on the floor turns to a man next to him and tells him that he is a member of a gun club and when the time is right they will fight back. When Michael is distracted, the man stands up, shoots Michael, then in turn is killed by Packie and his brother. This is a reference to the bank heist in the movie Point Break.

      Reservoir Dogs

      When shooting at cops, you will sometimes hear them yell "I'm going to be OK!", just like Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs. -From: Dom Scarpa

      Terminator 2: Judgment Day

      The mission "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, And Your Motorcycle" is a reference to the line spoken by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

      The Big Lebowski

      While you are bowling, you can hear random conversations in the background. If you listen closely, you can occasionally hear someone order a White Russian, The Dude's favorite drink from the movie The Big Lebowski. The Dude was an avid bowler, and several scenes from the movie take place in a bowling alley.

      The Revenger's Tragedy

      The final mission, "A Revenger's Tragedy", is a reference to the play and movie based on the play titled The Revenger's Tragedy.

      To Live And Die In L.A.

      The mission "To Live And Die in Alderney" is a reference to the movie To Live And Die In L.A.


      The numbers on blue armored prison transport truck are KSC-303, which is a reference to the main character of the Japanese film Versus, who is known as Prisoner KSC2-303.

      Weekend At Bernie's

      The mission "Weekend At Florian's" is a reference to the film Weekend At Bernie's.

  • People references

      You can find street art in the style of Banksy, a British street artist, at various locations in the city.

      Chuck Norris

      Go to any Cluckin' Bell to find a plastic covering with a man in a chicken suit inside of it. Read the label. It says free "Cluck Norris" toy with every meal.

      Kat Williams

      Go to the Split Sides comedy club in Algonquin. You will find Kat Williams doing some sketches from American Hustle.

      When listing to WKTT, you can hear Kat Williams being interviewed about injustice in Liberty City.

      Ricky Gervais

      Take a friend such as Packie or Little Jacob to the Split Sides comedy club near the Star Junction area in Algonquin to see a virtual stand up routine featuring Ricky Gervais.


      Sometimes when you walk past a pedestrian they will say "Looks it's your friendly neighbor..., oh no never mind."

  • Product reference

      In any of the launderettes, you will be able to see an advertisement for the washing powder "FUD", which is a parody of "Daz", which is a laundry powder in England.

  • Video game references
      Assassin's Creed

      The "Assassin's Greed" achievement for completing all nine assassin missions is a reference to the game Assassin's Creed.


      Jimmy from Bully can be found walking outside the Hove Beach railway station at certain times.

      Go into any of Niko's safehouses, and watch the television show "I'm Rich". Every so often a blonde girl's story will start, explaining her life. It says what school she went to as a child, which happens to be Bullworth Academy from the Rockstar game Bully.

      When Niko hands his CV into the lawyers, it states he attended Bullworth University in England. The Bully game was set in Bullworth Academy in New England.

      At the end of the opening sequence for Elizabeth's second mission, you can see Jimmy Hopkins, the protagonist from the game Bully, dancing in the back.

      Grand Theft Auto 3

      In the first mission, when you give Roman a ride to a betting shop, on the other side of the road is a shop called "Mr. Wong's", which is reference to Mr. Wong in Grand Theft Auto 3. Also, there are Furgons in the city.

      Salvatore's run-down mansion can be found in Alderney, near Beaverhead Ave. and Cassiar Ave.

      Across the road from the Bank Of Liberty is a building with some artwork of El Burro, D-Ice and 8-Ball from Grand Theft Auto 3 and the GTA 3 box art, all mixed in with some generic graffiti.

      Once you are free to go anywhere, on the first island, go to the map to see an 8-ball logo. When you go there, it is a bar called 8-Ball, an obvious reference to 8-Ball from Grand Theft Auto 3.

      Go to Brucie's auto shop. Then, go south down the road. Just before the turn, you can find a wooden Belly-Up fish crate on the sidewalk. Belly-Up Fish was one of the Triad controlled businesses in Grand Theft Auto 3.

      In the "Portrait Of A Killer" mission, look opposite of all the gang members you have to kill, at the wall on the big house with three fire stairs on it. You can see an image of a woman holding a gun. She can also be found on the cover art from Grand Theft Auto 3.

      On the last island is a destroyed boat and factory. In Grand Theft Auto 3, you destroyed a drug boat for the mob. The boat is at the very top part of the island.

      Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

      Some of the ringtones you can choose for the more "modern" phones are actually songs from GTA: Liberty City Stories.

      Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

      After you have access to the Bohan apartment, look on the floor next to the table using a sniper rifle. You will see some albums, one of which is by Og Loc. Og Loc was a character from GTA: San Andreas.

      Watch the Weazel and CNT channels on the television at your hideout. You will see various locations from San Andreas.

      The "www.freejames.org" and "www.area53site.com" websites allude to James Pedeaston and Marvin Trill, DJs on WCTR in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. James has been arrested and has a charity set up for his legal funds (with only $23 in it), and Marvin Trill has shut down his show to protect his research.

      While watching television in a safehouse, a commercial featuring a NASCAR-like racing event will appear. All of the clips showing the racing are shot from GTA: San Andreas at the airport in Los Santos, using a Hotring Racer.

      While watching television in a safehouse, flip through the channels until the "I'm Rich" show is on. After it ends, another episode of it will return, but is not the same episode. Watch through it. At one point you will hear the narrator say "Your life will be as exciting as a soda commercial". At that point, you can see CJ briefly in a multicolored suit freefalling above San Andreas.

      Go to a TW@ Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter "www.whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com" as a URL. Go to the thread titled "Health is a gift from space. Worship the Worm". You will see a response from "The Truth", or his online username "Trooth".

      Exit your safehouse on Broker, and go to your right down the street. When you get to the intersection, turn right. The second shop is called the "Hot Coffee Shop". This a reference to the "Hot Coffee" mod from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

      After your first date with Michelle, try to take it further when dropping her off at home. If you fail, Niko will ask if he can come in for some coffee, and she will reply that he would need $2 million for it, referring to the legal settlement for the "Hot Coffee" incident arising from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

      Go on a date with Carmen. She might talk about how she hates living in Bohan and wanted to live in Algonquin. She will then say how Algonquin was too expensive, and says that she would like to live in Los Santos.

      Go behind the Memory Lanes bowling alley on Firefly Island, and explore the golf course. Walk around until you see a chicken. It is a miniature version of the giant Feed Seed chicken located in the desert in Las Venturas. You can also find a wind turbine from the game.

      When you are in Playboy X's mansion, look under the television to find a blurry Madd Dogg album.

      In Algonquin near Star Junction is a billboard with "Prolaps" on it. Prolaps was a clothing shop in GTA: San Andreas.

      The porno shop found in San Andreas also appears in Liberty City. It is at Star Junction near the corner of Lorimar St. and Denver-Exeter Ave., almost directly in the middle of Algonquin in a very bright area.

      There is a bar called the "Vinewood Bar & Grill".

      Behind Funland are the Hippo garbage cans from GTA: San Andreas.

      On Applewhite St. there is a sign that reads "Visit Las Venturas, $200".

      Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

      Go behind the Memory Lanes bowling alley on Firefly Island, and explore the golf course. Some of the attractions are actually small models of familiar landmarks from previous games. You can find the Ocean View Hotel from GTA: Vice City.

      Across the road from the Bank Of Liberty is a building with some artwork of a motorbike from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mixed in with some generic graffiti.

      The "Pager" ringtone is the same as the Rockstar theme used in the introduction sequence in GTA: Vice City.

      When you enter any of the bars, you can see postcards of Vice City.

      Grand Theft Auto series

      After you kill the drug dealers in the "Shadow" mission for Little Jacob, leave the room, and go back the way you came. On the wall just before you go down the stairs, you will see graffiti which has the name of every previous Grand Theft Auto protagonist on the wall; Claude from Grand Theft Auto 3, Tommy from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Carl from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Tony Cipriani from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and Victor Vance from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The text says things like "Victor - never forget you / always remember you bro", "RIP Claude", "RIP Toni", "remember Tommy - u r still my hero", "Carl I love you RIP everyone miss you", "RIP Vic".

      Got to the museum in Algonquin. In front of the museum you will find drawings of characters from previous Grand Theft Auto series games.


      While watching television in a safehouse, flip through the channels until you find the cartoon show called "Republican Space Rangers". The design of their spacesuits resemble Master Chief's suit from Halo.

      Red Dead Revolver

      Watch the Weazel and CNT channels on the television in a safehouse. You will see a commercial that uses scenes from Red Dead Revolver, which is another Rockstar game.

      Rockstar Games

      On Vauxite St. there is a storefront called "Rock Star Music and Video" that alludes to Rockstar Games.

      World Of Warcraft

      Go to a TW@ Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter "www.myonlineme.com" or "www.myonlineme.net" as a URL to see a parody of World Of Warcraft. "myonlineme" is shortened to MOM which is WOW (World Of Warcraft) upside down.

      Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines

      There is "NURB RENDA" graffiti in Dwayne's building. This is a reference to the NURB rendering that has replaced standard polygons and is commonly used in newer video games. NURBS (or Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) are mathematical representations of 3-D geometry that can accurately describe any shape.

  • Website references
      Apple computers

      Go to a TW@ Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter "www.fruitcomputers.com" as a URL to see a parody of Apple computer products, including the iFruit Phone.


      Go to a TW@ Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter "www.craplist.net" as a URL to find a full Craigslist.com parody, complete with missed connections, personals, jobs, and housing.


      Go to a TW@ Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter "www.eunux.net" as a URL to view a Linux parody site.


      Go to a TW@ Internet Cafe, log into a computer, and enter "www.myroomonline.net" as a URL.

  • Easy "Chain Reaction" achievement

    Jackknife a bus on the Algonquin Bridge so that it is blocking all lanes. Once a bunch of vehicles have piled up, get on top of the bus, and use the RPG and grenades to destroy the vehicles and get the achievement.

    Create a traffic jam in an enclosed area, such as the Booth tunnel by blocking off both lanes with two vehicles. After the cars back up, steal some of them and squeeze them between the others so that there are three or four next to each other. Throw a grenade at the vehicles in front, then use a RPG to destroy the others.

    Steal ten vehicles and park them next to each other, preferably in a smaller area, an inside corner, or the outside of a building so there is less of a chance the vehicles will push away when they explode. Then, use a weapon to make at least one vehicle explode. It should start a chain reaction and make the other vehicles explode.

    Park ten vehicles at any gas station around the pumps. Get an RPG, and aim it at the gas pump. With two shots, all ten cars should explode.

  • Easy "Finish Him" achievement

    Go to the Helitours located at the bottom right-hand corner of the middle island. There are five employees wearing orange reflective vests. Start with the person that is furthest away from you. If you start fighting with the first person you see, a second one will come over and double-team you. Each person will last about two counters.

  • Easy "Join The Midnight Club" achievement

    Keep joining and quitting matches until you are the host. Then, set the lap number to one, and start a helicopter race with very few opponents.

  • Easy "One Man Army" achievement

    Go to the bridge that takes you to the second island and has train tracks under it. Walk along the train tracks towards the second island before you are allowed to cross the bridge. When you are about half way, you should have a six start wanted level. Then, just stand on the train tracks for five minutes to get the achievement. You do not have to worry about the police because they will be on the bridge above you so they cannot shoot, and the helicopters are above you so you have cover from them.

    Go to the hospital at the north-west corner of Algonquin. You can also get there by dying in that general area. Get a motorbike. Set a Waypoint at the hospital or just remember the way you came. Drive to the nearby bridge that takes you to the third island. You must not have access to the third island for this trick to work. Slowly reverse backwards over the barricade on the bridge until you get a six start wanted level. Then, drive straight back to the hospital. To the right of the hospital as you are coming back is a little red fence that you can bust through and get onto the elevated train tracks. Wait there for approximately five minutes to get the achievement. No cars can get to you on the train tracks and the helicopters cannot shoot accurately enough to hit you at motorcycle speed.

    Attempt to enter one of the locked boroughs early in the game to get an immediate six star wanted level by taking a car on the subway (or elevated train) tracks. This can be done easily near the corner of Grand Boulevard and Leavenworth Ave. in North Bohan near the police station. From Leavenworth, take a left onto Grand, and go up the little hill. When you reach the crest of the hill, look to your left to find a very short wall above a subway tunnel. Drive a car over that short wall, then drive underground toward North Algonquin. When you have a six star wanted level, stop your car and remain there for five minutes to get the achievement.

    After the middle island is unlocked, steal a helicopter from the helitour site in the southeast corner. Fly over any other area you have not yet unlocked to automatically get a six star wanted level. Fly off the map in any direction, and stay in the air. The police helicopters will only chase you so far. After five minutes, you will get the achievement.

  • Easy "Rolled Over" achievement

    Go to the airport runway in a fast car (Infernus, Super GT, police cruiser, etc.). There are small yellow ramps scattered in the grass by the runway. Locate one, drive back a good distance, then at full speed hit the ramp so that only half your car actually hits the ramp. You should get enough spins to get the achievement.

    Go on the Algonquin Bridge that connects Dukes to Algonquin. Find the part where the lanes split at the bridge when going westbound. At the split is a small ramp. Hit that ramp at high speed to make your car roll over several times. Try to land in the lower area for more room to roll over.

  • Easy "Walk Free" achievement

    Get a four star wanted level, then start a mission to get the achievement.

    Get on the airport runway with a car, then get out. This will instantly give you a four star wanted level. Then, run or drive to the end of the runway to get the achievement.

    Start picking off cops one by one. Your wanted level will rise as more of them are killed. After you get a four star wanted level, get in a vehicle, and drive into the subway tunnel. Once you leave the flashing wanted circle and your wanted level disappears, you will get the achievement.

  • Easy "Wheelie Rider" achievement

    Get a motorbike, and go to Francis International Airport. Go to one end of the runway, start to accelerate, and do a wheelie by pressing Left Analog-stick Down (with Xbox 360 controller) for 500 feet to get the achievement. The runway works best because you have a very long distance where you can drive perfectly straight without worrying about vehicles pulling out in front of you.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Off the Boat (5 points): Complete the first mission.
      One Hundred and Eighty (10 points): In a darts game score 180 with 3 darts.
      Pool Shark (10 points): Beat a friend at pool.
      King of QUB3D (15 points): Beat the High Score in QUB3D
      Finish Him (15 points): Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes
      Genetically Superior (25 points): Come first in 20 singleplayer street races.
      Wheelie Rider (30 points): Do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet on a motorbike.
      Gobble Gobble (10 points): Score 3 strikes in a row, a turkey, in 10-pin bowling.
      Driving Mr. Bellic (10 points): Unlock the special ability of taxi.
      Rolled Over (30 points): Do 5 car rolls in a row from one crash.
      Walk Free (50 points): Lose a 4 star wanted rating by outrunning the cops.
      Courier Service (10 points): Complete all 10 package delivery jobs.
      Retail Therapy (10 points): Unlock the special ability of buying guns from a friend.
      Chain Reaction (20 points): You must blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds.
      One Man Army (40 points): Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level.
      Lowest Point (5 points): Complete mission "Roman's Sorrow".
      Over Fulfilled (10 points): Complete all 10 Exotic Export orders.
      Manhunt (15 points): Complete the most wanted side missions from the police computer.
      Cleaned The Mean Streets (20 points): Capture 20 criminals through the police computer.
      Fed The Fish (5 points): Complete the mission "Uncle Vlad".
      It'll Cost Ya (5 points): Complete a taxi ride without skipping from one island to another.
      Sightseer (5 points): Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City.
      Warm Coffee (5 points): Successfully date a girl to be invited into her house.
      That's How We Roll! (10 points): Unlock the special ability of helicopter.
      Half Million (55 points): Reach a balance of $500,000.
      Impossible Trinity (10 points): Complete mission "Museum Piece".
      Full Exploration (20 points): Unlock all the islands.
      You Got The Message (20 points): Deliver all 30 cars ordered through text message.
      Dare Devil (30 points): Complete 100% of the unique stunt jumps.
      Assassin's Greed (20 points): Complete all 9 assassin missions.
      Endangered Species (50 points): Collect every hidden package in the game.
      Under the Radar (40 points): Fly underneath the main bridges in the game that cross water with a helicopter.
      Dial B For Bomb (10 points): Unlock the special ability of phoning for a bomb to be placed.
      Gracefully Taken (10 points): Complete mission "I'll Take Her".
      Liberty City (5) (20 points): After meeting all possible friends, the ones left alive all like you above 90%.
      No More Strangers (5 points): Meet all random characters.
      That Special Someone (10 points): Complete mission "That Special Someone".
      You Won! (60 points): Complete the final mission.
      Liberty City Minute (30 points): Complete the story missions in less than 30 hours.
      Key To The City (100 points): Achieve 100% in "Game progress" statistic.
      Teamplayer (10 points): Kill 5 players who are not in your team, in any ranked multiplayer team game.
      Cut Your Teeth (5 points): Earn a personal rank promotion in multiplayer
      Join The Midnight Club (10 points): Win a ranked multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much and with damaged enabled.
      Fly The Co-op (15 points): Beat the following times in ranked versions of "Deal Breaker" (7:04), "Hangman's Noose" (2:32) and "Bomb da Base II" (5:56).
      Take It For The Team (10 points): Be on the winning team in all ranked multiplayer team games.
      Top Of The Food Chain (10 points): Kill 20 players with a pistol in a ranked multiplayer deathmatch.
      Top The Midnight Club (20 points): Come first in 20 different ranked standard multiplayer races.
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